Things you need to know before you start working with a web design agency


So you decided to have your website redesigned. It may be your first time or you have some vague memory of how it was done the last time. However, you may be unsure of what it is you need to take care yourself, what you need to prepare, make a decision on etc. In this blog post we want to highlight some important decisions you will need to make when you start a web design process. Don’t worry though! There is not that much to do here and we will guide you through it all.

Why you should make decisions at all

While it is tempting to try to include every possible detail about your company on your website, this is not a right approach. After all, you have been working hard on creating and improving your offer and you are proud of it. You have every right to be proud of your company! However, in the world of online marketing, the shorter your message is, the better. If you try to cram everything there is to know about your offer… well, you can be sure no one will actually read it. In the modern world we are surrounded by so much information that your message will get lost. That is, unless you make it concise, precise and carefully targeted. Because of that, you need to decide early on what it is you want your clients to know.

Deciding on a purpose of your new website

Do you want your website to be informative or persuasive? Is presenting photos of your products important? After all, too many pictures will make your website slower – is it a risk worth taking? Will you present your pricing right away? Should your clients contact you for quote or do you want them to order directly from the site? These are the kinds of questions you want to answer for yourself to make sure your new website is a result of a carefully executed plan rather than a bunch of random pieces of trivia glued together. Sounds like a challenge? That is why we spend so much time discussing your needs early during the project. We have experience designing hundreds of websites for virtually every industry and we will be happy to advise you on what works – and what does not.

Choosing artistic direction

There’s an infinite number of ways a website can look like. It can be more serious or playful. Elegant or casual. Extravagant or conservative – the possibilities are endless. Sweat not! You don’t need to have a great sense of aesthetics nor be able to pay attention to detail. Our UX designers can do wonders when it comes to designing beautiful, modern, visually stunning websites and we are experts in matching design styles to businesses and their main objectives. Whatever your business goals are, we will do our work accordingly.


As you can see, there are some vital decisions you as a client need to make regarding your new website. However, it is also a role of a good web design agency to discuss with a client and help them make the best decisions which will result in efficient websites that convert visitors into clients. Contact us using the form below – we are happy to hear what your questions are!