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The client

Email Oversight, a leading player in the email validation industry, approached us with the vision of effectively communicating its comprehensive suite of products, including email, phone, activity, postal, and data enrichment. The challenge lay in creating a website that not only highlighted the impressive statistics, such as 2 billion verifications per month and a total validation count of 800 billion emails but also emphasized key features like a 99.5% accuracy rate, high-speed file verification capabilities, CCPA and GDPR compliance, data security, and professional support.

The challenge

The primary challenge was to design a website that not only showcased the extensive range of Email Oversight products but also communicated the scale and accuracy of their verification processes. Additionally, incorporating a visually appealing and modern design, refreshing the logo, and ensuring that important compliance information, such as CCPA and GDPR, was prominently featured in the website footer, were essential components of the project.

The solution

To address the challenges, we developed a website with a clean and modern design, incorporating new colors and refreshing the Email Oversight logo. The use of vibrant colors and dynamic shapes in the graphics added a fresh and innovative touch to the overall look. We strategically placed images of young professionals collaborating in the background to convey a sense of innovation and reliability.

The homepage was designed to effectively communicate Email Oversight’s key statistics, such as the 2 billion monthly verifications and 800 billion total validations to date. Each product was given a distinct color scheme, similar to, providing a clear visual identity for users. To enhance user experience and transparency, we added dedicated sections for CCPA and GDPR compliance, including a Security link and a “Do Not Sell My Information” form in the website footer.

The result

The redesigned website successfully achieved the client’s objectives. Users visiting the site now encounter a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that effectively communicates the breadth of Email Oversight’s services. The addition of vibrant graphics and a refreshed logo has brought a contemporary feel to the brand.

The statistics and key highlights are prominently displayed on the homepage, ensuring that visitors are immediately aware of the impressive scale and accuracy of Email Oversight’s validation processes. The inclusion of distinct color schemes for each product, inspired by, adds a cohesive and organized look to the website.

The website footer now serves as an information hub, with added details about CCPA and GDPR compliance, a Security link, and a “Do Not Sell My Information” form, offering users transparency and control over their data. Overall, the revamped website positions Email Oversight as a trusted and innovative leader in the email validation industry.

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