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    "I've worked with dozens of agencies and contactors over the years, but Bespoke is by far and away the best web design team I've had the pleasure of completing a website with. I've gone onto work with them several times and would recommend them to ANYONE looking for a trusted web design team.”

    Harry Watson
    Marketing Manager, Qlair

    Project Cost: $4,800
    Project Duration: 12 weeks
    Client Location: Washington, USA
    Industry: Medical Products
    "Thanks to Bespoke Design's work, the new site enjoys a 500–600% increase in web traffic. I am now confident that we can compete in the digital consulting space. The team, who ensured a smooth workflow, has proven itself to be a reliable partner."

    Sharif Shaalan
    CEO, Agile Cloud Consulting

    Project Cost: $5,500
    Project Duration: 9 weeks
    Client Location: New York, USA
    Industry: IT Consulting
    "Bespoke Design delivered a website that perfectly matched my expectations. They were communicative and skilled, continually keeping me up to date on the project’s progress. Their quality work and timely delivery made for a successful partnership."

    Kyle Clemson
    Owner, My Auto Reps

    Project Cost: $6,500
    Project Duration: 7 weeks
    Client Location: Illinois, USA
    Industry: Car Dealerships
    "We were very pleased with the final site — it was beautifully designed and fully functional. Bespoke Design handled the project flawlessly — there we no delays and all outputs were delivered with the utmost quality. The team also communicated transparently, which we appreciated."

    Martin K.
    Executive, Passionfruits

    Project Cost: $3,500
    Project Duration: 6 weeks
    Client Location: Poland
    Industry: Nonprofit
    "I was impressed with how quickly the designer was able to use information from our initial meeting and create the messaging and image I wanted for my brand. It was a pleasure working BespokeDesign, their professionalism and customer service are two of the top reasons I will be referring colleagues to their organization."

    Towanda Jackson
    Owner, Jackson Marriage & Family Counseling

    Project Cost: $6,000
    Project Duration: 10 weeks
    Client Location: Virginia, USA
    Industry: Medical Services
    "Magdalena (Bespoke Design's Creative Director) was very helpful, fast and efficient in producing banners for my FX promotion. I had a few changes to request of her and she gladly amended the designs to my liking. In short, I will ask her again for another campaign when the time comes as dollar for dollar she was very competitive!"

    Nigel Pope
    Head of UK Sales, 55EastFX

    Project Cost: $10,000
    Project Duration: 16 weeks
    Client Location: United Kingdom
    Industry: Fintech / Cryptocurrency Exchange
    "I've worked with Magdalena (Bespoke Design's Creative Director) on and off again for design projects and they've been nothing short of outstanding. She is great at turnaround times, especially when I have a key project that needs a quick completion time. Awesome attitude, great service."

    Jordan Laird
    Vice President – International Marketing, Fisher Investments

    Project Cost: $24,600
    Project Duration: 7 months
    Client Location: Texas, USA
    Industry: Finance
    "We worked with Magdalena (Bespoke Design's Creative Director) on over a dozen projects for our real estate tech startup. We were always happy with the work and the outcome."

    Fred McGill Jr
    Founder, SimpleShowing

    Project Cost: $14,000
    Project Duration: 1 year
    Client Location: Florida, USA
    Industry: Real Estate
    "We have worked with Bespoke Design several times in developing advertising materials and creative content. They are very responsive, adaptive to our design needs and deliver designs and graphics in a timely manner. Always an enjoyable process watching new ideas come to light."

    Mark Pilkington
    Owner, EPTAC Corporation

    Project Cost: $7,000
    Project Duration: 3 months
    Client Location: New Hampshire, USA
    Industry: Training & Certification
    "Bespoke Designe provided awesome ongoing work to support our website redesign project. Their work has been invaluable to our project!"

    Andy Theimer
    Founder & CEO, FeedOtter

    Project Cost: $9,000
    Project Duration: 5 months
    Client Location: Kansas, USA
    Industry: Online Marketing
    "It was a hard travel with a great result! Good top job at the end. Highly recommend if you are a perfectionist."

    Boris Barter
    Owner, TanningLotionWatch

    Project Cost: $6,000
    Project Duration: 1 month
    Client Location: Panama
    Industry: Blog / News Portal
    "Awesome designers to work with. Great approach. Prompt with replies and requested changes."

    Marketing Team
    The Hustle by Hubspot

    Project Cost: $7,000
    Project Duration: 6 weeks
    Client Location: Massachusetts, USA
    Industry: Online Marketing
    "You are always very responsive and willing to make as many revisions as needed. Thanks!"

    Marketing Manager

    Project Cost: $4,000
    Project Duration: 5 weeks
    Client Location: Canada
    Industry: Sports Manufacturer
    "Bespoke Design is fantastic. From the get go they understood exactly what I was looking for in my project. Some of the toughest designs between competing designs were between different versions they submitted. They respond to questions and comments quickly and are a pleasure to work with."

    Megan Kratzman
    Marketing Manager, Convercent

    Project Cost: $5,000
    Project Duration: 6 weeks
    Client Location: Colorado, USA
    Industry: Software as a Service
    "Excellent understanding of the brief. Makes any requested changes fast. Clean and professional design delivered, ready to use in production. 100% recommended."

    Marketing Team
    Press Customizr

    Project Cost: $5,500
    Project Duration: 7 weeks
    Client Location: Australia
    Industry: IT and Media Consulting
    "Bespoke Design did a wonderful job on this project and came up with a lot of excellent designs. I am very happy with their work and quick turn around time. I would definitely recommend them and plan to ask to work on future projects again with me."

    Trey Blalock
    Executive, Verification Labs

    Project Cost: $8,000
    Project Duration: 1 month
    Client Location: Seattle, USA
    Industry: IT Security
    "Bespoke Design was excellent to work with. My project was completed to my specifications with their expertise, and it was completed in a timely fashion. They were very communicative, and willing to work with our requests."

    Martinez Dental Solutions

    Project Cost: $5,000
    Project Duration: 8 weeks
    Client Location: Florida, USA
    Industry: Dental and Cosmetics
    "Created a great design to spec with multiple options/directions for us to choose. Was VERY responsive to feedback and provided fast turn around."

    Vijay Chittoor
    Founder and CEO, BlueShift

    Project Cost: $6,500
    Project Duration: 7 weeks
    Client Location: California, USA
    Industry: AI Digital Marketing
    "Excellent work. You put in the hours and stayed patient with me thru all the changes."

    Linda Schaeffer
    Owner, Franchise Advisors

    Project Cost: $4,000
    Project Duration: 3 weeks
    Client Location: Florida, USA
    Industry: Business Consulting
    "You have been fantastic, responsive and very easy to work with. I am sure I will come back to work with you whenever we have any new design projects in the pipeline."

    Cham Test
    Owner, Regent5 Home Automation

    Project Cost: $6,600
    Project Duration: 11 weeks
    Client Location: California, USA
    Industry: Home Automation
    "Great work. I couldn't have been happier and even when asked directly about it, I couldn't come up with any complaint that would criticise any aspect of working with the Bespoke Design team. Thanks!"

    William Gibbs
    President, Assist Healthcare Staffing

    Project Cost: undisclosed
    Project Duration: 2 months
    Client Location: Georgia, USA
    Industry: Healthcare Recruitment
    "Exceptional work in designing a WordPress landing page for me quickly. Thank you!"

    Chalena Guinn
    Creative Director, Precision Medical Products

    Project Cost: $2,000
    Project Duration: 2 weeks
    Client Location: Los Angeles, USA
    Industry: Medical Services
    "Fantastic work!!! High quality design and very easy to work with. Quickly understood my vision and made landing pages that matched the website they will be linking to. Very pleased with the entire process and will be reaching out again in the future for additional work!"

    Team Member
    Bbuzzbee Droid

    Project Cost: $3,200
    Project Duration: 2 weeks
    Client Location: North Carolina, USA
    Industry: Conference and Event
    "Great talent to work with. You are efficient, highly passionate and highly patient person to work with. And did I mention how highly skilled you are. I had a great and smooth experience with Magdalena. She is a professional and I highly recommend her. You were great, so keep doing what you are doing with passion and care and the sky would be the limit."

    Bernard D.
    Executive, Hive

    Project Cost: $11,000
    Project Duration: 7 months
    Client Location: London, UK
    Industry: Mobile App
    "Great working with Magdalena (Bespoke Design's Creative Director). Quick turn around on edits, open to feedback and comes in hot with great ideas. 10/10 would recommend :-)"

    Lucy Isabela
    Director of Marketing, Influx

    Project Cost: $19,500
    Project Duration: 4 months
    Client Location: USA
    Industry: Customer Support Platform

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